Make authentic African Swallow from scratch, within 20 minutes!

Enjoy African Food Your Way!

Do you ever get the craving for authentic African swallow “okele”, but you simply do not have the energy or time to do all that work?
We’ve got the solution for you!

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Whether you are a food vendor, restaurant owner, family person or a single person who loves swallows and wants to treat others to authentic African dishes, with Omnismart Yam pounder you can now enjoy the best of traditional Nigerian foods.

Omnimaster offers:
Perfect consistency, Hygienic preparatory conditions , Fast and easy processing with just the press of a button, Hot and tasty meals prepared within your home, Free delivery (within which area) and a one-year warranty

All you need in your kitchen and it is equipped with various settings to cook different types of African swallows such as Pounded Yam, Amala, Fufu, Semovita, Eba, Tuwo Shinkafa and more within 5 to 30 minutes, and you won’t even break a sweat.

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Customers Reviews

This was the fastest I have ever made pounded yam in my life! And it was so perfect, even my mom was impressed. I can now make my favourite meal in 30 minutes without sweating for hours. Definitely my best kitchen equipment.

To place your order call us on 07052628686 or 08183197856

Delivery is free within lagos and the product comes with a year warranty.

Bought the Omnismart for my mum, to help her reduce the stress of making traditional meals and bending for long periods to turn swallows. I was pleasantly surprised by the fast response and delivery time. Also, it was easy to use for my elderly mum and she has not stopped praising OmniSmart since then. Well done guys!
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