Yam Pounder and Cooker

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Say goodbye to

  • Spending hours in the kitchen just to make one meal.
  • Heavily processed substitutes for your favorite swallow meals
  • Going out of your way to enjoy your favorite swallows.
  • Food poisoning from eating in unsanitary places
  • Serving your clients cold food because of how long it takes to finish making it.
  • Waiting endlessly on other people to make your swallows for you

OmniSmart Yam Pounder Plus+ is all you need in your kitchen and it is equipped with various settings to cook different types of African swallows such as Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Plantain, Pounded Yam, Amala, Fufu, Semovita, Eba, Tuwo Shinkafa and more within 20 minutes, and you won’t even break a sweat.

1 review for Yam Pounder and Cooker

  1. Dave

    I love the product

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